TD HiTech Engery Inc. is professional battery supplier for high power application, was established in Hsinchu, and has its own manufactory in Taiwan. To meet the market and the customer requirement at the same time to control the cost and production capacity, TD HiTech set up the production line with flexible and effective production plan to meet the expected delivery timeline from the customers. "All products are designed for the market trends and customers’ needs. In recent years, the electric vehicles and electric bicycles market has grown rapidly. Our technology development must be more sensitive to the market demand and keeping up with the times."

To become more competitive and effective, we reduce the cost and keep the optimal quality by practical and technical data management, innovation design improvement for safety, system process simplification, production automation and flexibility and remote monitoring.

《 Vision 》
"Improving battery life cycle is the key point for future development."

The advantage of TD HiTech's battery pack design is to increase the compatibility and completeness of the entire electronic control system, which ensure the electricity and the information from the battery can be transmitted to the motor and the motor controller more accurately.

Through TD HiTech’s own laboratory, we can do complete integration test to improve the product performance. In the future, through the integration of system and smart battery data base, we can understand user behavior and scenario more accurately. This will drive us to keep improving our design to meet more demands from end users. With the growing electric vehicles market inspired by green energy trend and the mature technical module development, we can foresee that "smart technology" electric vehicles will be one of the star in the future development.

Most of the products born for the green energy topic need electricity to support. However, the battery itself is a contradictory because it is passive at the same time it provides the power. Therefore, what we need to do is to turn the battery from passive to active, so that the application of the battery will be more functional and complete.

Business Concept

The Core Competencies of TD HiTech are Safety, Reliability, Efficiency, Intelligent.

Our goal is to become "A world-class company with energy system solution, development, design and management".

Our responsibility is providing consumers a safe and satisfactory product, also an environment-friendly, energy-efficient and carbon reduction commodity to the environment where we live. As a citizen of the world, we must make a contribution to the "Green City".

Product & Service

Professional Battery Solution Provider

High Power Battery Pack for electric vehicle, Electric bike, E-Scooter, Robot Vacuum Energy Storage System and Battery Exchanging Station

Our Core Technologies

  • Cell & Cell Assembly
  • Cell Selection and Grouping
  • Cell Array & Cell Holder Design
  • Cell Connection & Welding
  • Thermal Management
  • Air or Liquid Cooling
  • Thermal Radiation Material Designn
  • System Electronics
  • Battery Management System
  • Software & Firmware Control
  • Electrical Circuit
  • Mechanical & Electronic Integration
  • Communication Interface
  • Power Interface
  • High Voltage Connectors